ZynTravel offers up to 85% savings on over 400,000 hotels globally, allowing our customers access to every adventure the world has to offer.


With ZynTravel, taking vacations is easy. Our premier discounts allow you to pay for that dream trip or romantic getaway without breaking the bank.


With Thousands of luxury timeshare destinations worldwide, ZynTravel members get access without blackout dates or booking limitations.


Utilizing the world's LARGEST airline consolidator. 24/7 ticketing capability from 900+ AIRLINES around the world.


We provide access to 50+ cruise lines with hundreds of itineraries across the globe. Book with ease, pay less, and see the world in style.


Preferred partner with Avis and Budget. ZynTravel works directly with all major car rental companies worldwide, and provides competitive pricing and a variety of vehicle types.


Experience the service and convenience of a professional travel concierge dedicated to making your vacation dreams a reality.


If you are ready to live an extraordinary life, then its time to join the club that can make it a reality. Adventure starts now.

Why not travel in STYLE... with ZYNTRAVEL YOU CAN!

ZYNTRAVEL - Impressive Hotels

Being a ZynTravel customer is like owning a personal online travel agency. The touch of a computer keyboard links you to more than 400,000+ hotels globally, with savings of up to 85% off rates.

Book Flights, Hotels, Cruises, or Rental Cars, you can build an entire travel package. Not only do you cut out third-party booking engines, but also you pay yourself with amazing bonuses in the process.

ZYNTRAVEL - Luxury Resorts

Imagine being able to plan a week-long getaway and include not just your family, but groups of friends - because you are able to access exclusive Resorts, Villas and Timeshares far more spacious and better-priced than a traditional hotel stay. 

These places are located in the world's most sought-after destinations and offer Spa Treatments, Daily Excursions, and Private Tours. ZYNTRAVEL is a true VIP experience.

ZYNTRAVEL - Exclusive Escapes

With ZYNTRAVEL, you don't have to be Houdini to manage some pretty great escapes. Membership allows you to enjoy your weekends with a variety of unique experiences classified by subject, price and geographic location. So, whether you're pulling a romantic weekend out of your hat or making a family mini-vacation magically appear, turn to us as your trusted assistant.

More Privileges
& Bonuses*
25% Customer Travel Commission
Customer Referral Program
Customer Cycle Bonus
Customer Bonus Pool
Customer Matching Bonus
Customer Lifestyle Bonus
Premium Travel Packages
$100 Zyn $

Black Diamond, Platinum & Gold Cycle Pod

$1,000 + $700 + $300

each time completed

More Privileges*
25% Customer Travel Commission
Customer Referral Program
Customer Cycle Bonus
Customer Travel Bonus
Customer Bonus Pool
Customer Matching Bonus
$50 Zyn $

Platinum & Gold Cycle Pod

$700 + $300

each time completed

25% Customer Travel Commission
Customer Referral Program
Customer Cycle Bonus
Customer Bonus Pool
$25 Zyn $

Gold Cycle Pod


each time completed


ZYNTRAVEL's Back-Office Gives You:

  • A state-of-the-art automatic marketing system
  • Full access to the customer back office
  • Marketing tools and reports
  • Training materials , webinars and conference calls
  • The opportunity to earn money while you're traveling the world at HUGE discounted rates
Visit exotic global destinations at unbelievable prices
Build your business while helping others travel as well as you
Relax and earn the residual income to live the life you've always wanted

Hassle eliminated. Your vacation — or business trip — has been instantly booked and confirmed, at amazing savings.

As a ZynTravel customer, you will discover how our proprietary technology links every property in our system, creating a live comparison search. Our experience and relationships in the industry, coupled with our technological capabilities, bring you a world-class experience every time.

We make it possible for you to book seven days at more than 15,000 resorts worldwide at incredibly low pricing and also to take advantage of deep-pocket discounts on more than 400,000+ hotels. ZynTravel consistently delivers more ways to save on hotel rooms, vacation packages and luxury resorts than any of the other leading travel websites, period.

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